Terraview's all-in-1 dashboard allows the user to assess the overall health of the plantation in a single-screen integrated dashboard. It aggregates data from various sources, including satellites, drones, weather stations, ground sensors, and the Vine Click app. The various sources, coupled with the user's excel spreadsheets and applied technology to the incoming data, reveals to the vine-grower the information that matters and provides actionable information as a base for action.

A large portion of the dashboard is dedicated to a map view of the plot. Important data parameters such as microclimate data, weather forecast, the plot's overall health, wind, precipitation, canopy cover, etc., are accessible through a collapsible left panel.

You can find the list of plots signed to Terraview by using the search icon available at the top of the left panel. By clicking on the 'i' icon next to each plot, you will be able to see and edit the basic attribute data of the particular plot, such as grape variety, soil type, altitude, phenological cycle, volume of water per plant, and much more.

Apart from plot information, the main slidebar also gives access to detailed weather information, yield estimation, growing degree days, and various microclimate data including external humidity, precipitation, air temperate, wind speed, and much more!

Data available on the main slidebar is updated every hour from weather stations and every four hours from ground sensors.

The right collapsible map layers panel gives one-click access to all map data layers from drones and satellites as well as the Vine Click app in a single view. You can choose various map layers including canopy cover, Canopy Cover Heatmap, NDVI, Nutrition & Disease Statistics, and much more, available from various sources to get real time visibility and the freedom to compare indices and inputs across a time period.

The platform has been built to provide value with a very minimal set of data sources. You don't have drone imagery? No problem! You don't have sensors on ground? No problem! The system will still provide you actionable information, keeping you up to date and relevant.

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