Terraview OS for Vineyards collects real time data from various sources and this data augmented with our technology, provides you with alerts and recommendations related to weather in real time. It also offers disease early-warning for Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Botrytis Cinerea, Grapevine Moth amongst others, to avoid loss of crops.

The platform also offers an expert recommendation on your plantation every 48 hours, right through your phenological cycle, which can be accessed while viewing the detail about any alert or via email. While viewing an alert, you can access other details corresponding to the alert, including date, detail of the alert, plot name corresponding to that alert, etc. Some examples of alerts include a Temperature Alert, a Frost Alert, a Precipitation Alert, or a Mildew Alert.

Alerts are divided into multiple stages: active, snoozed, tasks, completed.

Once the alert is active, the user can snooze it or add to task. If the user chooses to snooze the alert, the user can set a date and time for the reminder and it will automatically reactivate the alert. The same applies if the user chooses to task the alert. Once a task is created, the active alert shifts to pending task status. To move an active alert to a different stage, simply drag and drop it!

Every time the system triggers an alert, it will show up two ways.

  • Alerts which require user intervention in the form of performing a task. The alert can move to completed status only after a user creates a task & marks the task as complete. For example: A disease alert will require a user to perform spraying of pesticide. Therefore, such alerts will stay in active status until the user creates a task and then marks it as completed.

  • Alerts which do not require any user intervention in the form of performing a task. These alerts will be automatically moved from active status to a completed status at the end of each day. For example: precipitation alert.

In the next 12-15 months, the platform will provide early identification of the top five diseases and top five nutrients in your region, reducing your workload stress immensely and allowing you to focus on more important areas.

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