Need to change some of the plot details, such as grape variety, soil type, plantation year or add those missing details?

  • Click on the search icon available on the left side of the dashboard.

  • Select the plot for which you want to change or add any missing details.

  • Now Click the plot name.

Now you will see the selected plot's attributes including - Grape Variety, Soil Texture, Spacing between Rows, Spacing between Vine, Altitude, Facing, Plantation Year, Locality and Vendor.

  • To edit or add missing attribute just click on the edit icon 📝next to the plot attribute.

  • Replace or add the desired information.

  • Once done click on the Save button at lower left corner.

  • Done! The changes done for the selected plot will be saved.

✏️ Just follow the first three steps in case you only want to see the attributes of a particular plot.

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